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A product of experience.

PMG is the product of a 4 year “residency” in the social institution of cleaning management.

In 2008, when the economy turned, it impacted the world! Us, like many others, were not prepared for such an economic catastrophe and we got banged up pretty badly. Investments were wiped away, jobs were outsourced, and lives were altered forever. As a family, we knew we had to do something, so that’s what we did. Our original thoughts were that it takes just a mop and bucket…but boy were we wrong. That’s when it all started!

The more research we did about the industry, the more passionate we became. "We knew that this was our calling and we had to do it."

We do things differently.

We are different in our approach, plan, execution, as well as our follow-up. Preferred Maintenance Group(PMG), is the new way of commercial cleaning. We are a local, family-owned and operated commercial cleaning organization. We offer healthful cleaning with appearance in mind, delivered through customized, comprehensive cleaning maintenance plans. We use best-in-class supplies, chemicals and equipment through partnerships with brands like Rubbermaid Commercial Products®, Johnson-Diversey® and ProTeam® vacuuming systems. Through our relationships, we have developed a process specific procedure manual with user-friendly interactive training and easy-to-use procedure reference cards. To bring it all together, we worked with OrangeQC® to implement their award-winning cleaning management/inspection software. Combined, we not only have the best tools and most comprehensive training, we PROVE that we use them effectively.

We have also made a commitment to our employees. we have worked on the front lines, so we know what is like to make ends meet. We appreciate our team and will provide them with opportunities that other companies will not.